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Farm Life Play School

Welcome to
Farm Life Playschool

About US

We are looking to support parents, who are passionate about their children being given the advantage of an authentic (down to earth) start to their education and care. We would like to offer a fun-filled, relaxed farm environment allowing each individual child to have the opportunity to learn and grow naturally, in essential life skills and knowledge.
We would like to offer a more beneficial alternative, to the generic playgrounds of levelled fake grass and plastic or metal play equipment. It is our aim to encourage toddlers to experience life in a more true form, teaching them to be inspired by nature as they discover the wonders of flowers, insects, animals, trees and hills.
We would like to give toddlers between the ages of 1 year to rising 3-year-olds, the advantage of being taught to love and appreciate nature in its true form. At the same time, providing them with a stress-free environment where through play they will expand their sensory, fine and gross motor skills.

We believe that our natural, free-flowing, unpressured routines will encourage healthy emotional intelligence and well-developed social skills (dealing with conflict, showing empathy, caring, and sharing) which is a vital part of each child’s future success and resilience.
It is our desire to see happy well-balanced children, who love life and embrace nature, as they are supported and encouraged to experience the true adventures of being a child.

What we have to Offer

Full Day

A Full Day – Day Mother Christian Care Facility, run in a partnership format enabling us to take care of 5 to 10 children each.

Holiday Care

Holiday Care (At NO additional cost) is available during the school holidays, except for a few weeks over the Christmas season, when we close.

Farm animals

We plan to introduce different farm animals for the children to interact with and take care of.

Large classroom

We have a large well equipped classroom setup as well as a fully enclosed spacious farm environment, outdoor play area.

Loving Care

We offer loving Bible-based Christian Care, focussing one each child’s individual needs

Age appropriate curriculum

We will follow a viable, age-appropriate curriculum covering aspects of language skills, shapes, colours, drawing, painting, pencil grip etc

Emotional Intelligence

We focus strongly on Emotional Intelligence!

Gardening area

We are planning a gardening area for them to learn to plant and take care of different flowers and vegetables.


Meet the Staff
Hi, we are the Meistre’s, Adele and Rouchelle and we share a Mother / Daughter-in-law relationship. Not only do we share a family bond but, an immense love for children and a desire to see them grow up in a natural, stress-free, playful manner.

Mrs Rouchelle Meistre


I am a married woman of 4 years and once again I have the opportunity of returning to my passion of caring for children. Previously I gained experience in this field when I was employed by Glenwood Community Pre-School for 4 years from 2016 to 2019 as a Grade 00 to Grade R Teachers Assistant and Aftercare Assistant. As I grew in experience and skill I was given the further responsibility of being a substitute teacher in covering classes. I am excited to begin our new venture as the Lord leads us.

Mrs Adele Meistre


I am a mother of 3 children the youngest being 17 years old. For the last 14 years my husband and I, have had the privilege of being the Pastoral Couple of Glenwood Community Church in Glenwood, Durban, and have now relocated back to East London, Gonubie, my hometown.
Over the years, I have intermittently been involved in different forms of Childcare starting as a Day Mother in Germiston Gauteng, then running a Play Group from our Church home in Randfontein for 9 years, and then more recently, I was employed by Glenwood Community Pre-School firstly as a Grade 000 teacher for 5 years from January 2010 to December 2014, and then returned as the Acting School Principal for 2017.
Being part of a caring, loving, and supporting environment, striving to equip children for the future, with God’s help is my passion.

+27 82 907 4242

Farm 42, Gonubie, East London, 5256